Penk's Pen June 2020

What an excellent feeling to be back in the community after months in lockdown and now also without any social distancing rules, requirements and regulations.

As touched upon in the previous edition of Penk’s Pen, a significant change that occurred over lockdown was the adjustments to the electorate boundaries.  It is great to finally be able to explore the new parts of the electorate and meet the great people who reside there.   

Warkworth Constituent Clinic 

After a long rest, McNatty the mobile office is back on the road, journeying to Helensville, Warkworth and Wellsford to help facilitate my constituent clinics.


If you see me out and about please drop by and say hello.  

Matakana Markets

The beautiful Mahurangi coasts is not the sole attractions of the new electorate. The Matakana Markets now join the list of weekend activities where I will be to answer any of your questions. Another great opportunity to see the local talent within the greatest part of Auckland.  

Volunteer Week

It’s National Volunteer Week, a welcome chance to consider the ways that our community is kept going by the wonderful women and men of this area who donate their time, energy and resources to helping others, all without any tangible reward.

COVID-19 a cluster of a situation

Over the past week new information regarding testing has come to light and the results, or lack thereof, are shocking. Over 1000 people were allowed to leave managed isolation facilities without being tested. New Zealand’s ‘Team of 5 million’ were expected to go above and beyond during this pandemic, yet these expectations do not apply to the Government?    

As the consequences of incompetence begin to unravel, the National team will continue to hold the increasingly inept Government to account over their relaxed response to COVID-19.

Service and Sacrifice

There are very few topics more worthwhile for us to reflect upon than service and sacrifice.

As I write, the nation is mourning the tragic death of a young man killed in the line of duty: Constable Matt Hunt.  Universally respected, admired and loved (along with his colleagues also in the firing line that day), Matt had a particular connection to Helensville, having served here for some time.  May he rest in peace and may we be reminded that those who encounter danger daily are placed in harm’s way that the rest of us might be safe.

It has been my honour recently to be entrusted with the role of National spokesperson for Veterans affairs. This electorate is home to many veterans, a number of RSAs and of course the Royal New Zealand Airforce base at Whenuapai.

Veterans’ matters are traditionally treated in a non-partisan manner, which is appropriate given the high esteem in which these Kiwis are held by others.  I’ll continue that tradition for sure.


Being unable to campaign due to Lockdown restrictions, whilst the Prime Minister broadcast her daily prescription of agitprop to the nation was difficult. With only 89 days until the Election, campaigning is now in full swing across the country.

The outcome of this election will mark the difference between a wave of economic destruction sweeping across our nation or being held at bay by a competent government.  As always, you will continue to see me out and about in the lead up to as well as after the election.


If you are interested in offering your support during this exceptionally significant election, please contact Craig Bidois.

Whether you prefer door-knocking or envelope packing all help is appreciated!

M: 022 624 6311

E: [email protected]

With your assistance we can ensure this government is just another one term Labour regime.

Flattening the Country

I’ve been thinking.  And writing.

During the lockdown I heard from many Kiwis in the Helensville electorate and beyond who simply didn’t buy the government’s spin about having “gone early and hard”.

That’s why I’m now publishing a book on the subject: “Flattening the Country: the real story behind Labour’s lockdown”

You can read my book online or purchase a hard copy here.

If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact my office: [email protected] / (00) 412 2496


Chris Penk | MP for Helensville