Flattening The Country

Dear friends,


I’ve been thinking.  And writing.


During the lockdown I heard from many Kiwis in the Helensville electorate and beyond who simply didn’t buy the government’s spin about having “gone early and hard”.

That’s why I’m now publishing a book on the subject: “Flattening the Country: the real story behind Labour’s lockdown”


You can order a signed copy of Flattening the Country at $20 (per copy, including postage and packaging) by:

1. sending me an email at flatteningthecountry@gmail.com with:

  • your name
  • your postal address
  • the number of copies you’d like (if more than one)
  • confirmation of payment; and 

2. making your $20 payment to:


(ASB account of Chris Penk MP)



If you are viewing the free copy online please consider making a small contribution to fund the printing and distribution of more copies.  I’m sending these to as many journalists as possible (for obvious reasons, heh) as well as wanting to reach as many fellow Kiwis in general.  No taxpayer funds are being used in the publication of this work.  Thanks so much for considering this contribution to democracy!



(ASB account of Chris Penk MP)


Thanks again!  And please spread the word!

Cheers, Chris