Support our wonderful surf lifesaving volunteers

Surf lifesaving is a vital service provided by thousands of Kiwi volunteers.

Of course the most serious purpose of surf lifesaving is to safeguard lives in the water.  It’s hugely important that the government recognises this fact.

Because surf lifesaving is also a great sporting and recreational activity, however, it often competes for funding streams with other sports.  Small amounts of government funding made available in this way then get topped up with intensive fundraising drives by the clubs themselves and private sponsorship. 

Relying so heavily on this type of funding makes it difficult for clubs to plan and carry out their vital role to protect us at the beach.

This summer, we’re calling for surf lifesaving to be recognised by government as an emergency service and allocated funding in a way that’s appropriate.

Please sign our petition to thank and support our wonderful surf lifesaving volunteers!

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