Penk's Pen May 2022

It’s probably not news to you that inflation has now hit6.9%. The government continues to blame overseas factors, such as the conflict in Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic, however this is only a small part of the equation. The reality is that a large portion of this inflation is attributed to Labour’s out of control spending on pet projects and mismanaging the economy at a time when we need to rein in spending.

Despite this, the government are now planning their biggest spend up in history of $6 billion. National says this is your money, so you should get to keep more of what you earn. That means we would deliver tax relief to all families and scrap all of Labour’s new taxes, whilst ensuring public services continue to be delivered with real outcomes. The government cannot continue to blame global factors when other countries like Australia and UK have managed to keep their inflation well below ours. It’s time to give Kiwis much needed relief – now.

Local News

I was honoured to be able to attend in-person services for ANZAC day at Parakai, Helensville and Warkworth on 25 April. I believe it is important to be able to gather at a service so that we can continue to observe freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, especially at a time when our freedoms have been severely curtailed by Covid-19 restrictions. I recently wrote to the Minister of Veterans stressing the importance of celebrating ANZAC day events in person, so it was pleasing that these were able to go ahead this year. I hope you were able to get along to one of the local civic ceremonies or RSA-led celebrations this year, if not then I strongly encourage you to get along to one in 2023.

For the northwest it is hugely disappointing that the long overdue works to SH16 will now be delayed by several years. We just can’t afford to wait any longer to get this sorted. I have tried many meetings on this very issue for years now, only to get nothing more than empty promises and platitudes from the government.

As for the northern part of the electorate, I’m looking forward to the upcoming meeting of One Mahurangi’s “Transport Forum”, which I co-chair. This will provide an update on such projects as the infamous Hill Street intersection, the motorway north, Matakana Link Road and the Dome Valley landfill.

In other local news, my Kumeu electorate office has relocated, and you can now find us at

134 Main Road, Huapai. Please feel free to drop in to say hello or ask my friendly team how we can assist you.