Penk's Pen March 2020

It seems a long time since our edition just a month ago, given that so much has happened since that time.  The current situation is something that none of us will have experienced, of that I’m sure.

As always I’m here to help, so please contact my office with any concerns or questions whatsoever… whether those are health-related, jobs-related, otherwise connected with the slowing economy or any other nature.


Life before Lockdown

As we won’t be able to participate in any more community events for some time now, I’ll just quickly recap on life before the lockdown here in the Helensville electorate. 

The Helensville and Kumeu Shows represented a wonderful way to farewell the summer months, with great turnout at these events in general and by National Party volunteers in particular.  We manned the stands so well – thanks team!

Another great event was the “Superblues” hosting of Sir John Key at the internationally renowned Mincher Gardens in Coatesville.  It was a pleasure to combine forces with the East Coast Bays electorate for this initiative and we came away knowing that the previous MP for Helensville has definitely still “got it”.  In fact the crowd of some 150+ supporters were treated to a fantastic discussion by Sir John of current affairs, global trends and plenty more besides.


Constituency cases and coronavirus

As you’d expect, my team in the electorate office and I have been flat out this past week or so, responding to the desperate circumstances of many locals caught up in medical, economic and emotional difficulties due to coronavirus (“Covid-19”) and the associated lockdown.

My focus has been on assisting those with queries about what various government actions have meant for their lives (for example, whether a business is considered “essential” such that it can continue to operate) and of course we’ve done so without any partisan political considerations.  Now is not the time, as the saying goes.



It’s not often you write the word “Parliament” with quote marks but this week we’ve been reduced to a single select committee – the Epidemic Response Committee – sitting to hear about issues related to a single topic, being the coronavirus crisis of course.

I’m pleased to confirm that National’s position will remain that constructive and principled scrutiny of decision making best meets our constitutional role (a responsibility and a right, at the same time), asking questions that all New Zealanders surely want answered.

You can tune in to watch the Committee (mostly on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10am – 1pm but with varying times and possibly days of the week as well, on occasion) via Parliament TV or at this link:


Life on Lockdown – a West Coast Radio podcast

Some of you may have already seen from my facebook page (“Chris Penk”: that I’ve been enjoying an exciting opportunity to work with our excellent local radio station in West Coast Radio.  It’s a show that airs Monday to Friday (7am; 12nn; 4pm) in which I discuss “Life on Lockdown”, being issues affecting local people in these crazy days.


Thanks for reading another edition of Penk’s Pen and thank you to those who support our community in so many different ways.

Please take care out there.  Stay safe, stay home (if you can) and stay sane.


Chris Penk
MP for Helensville