Penk's Pen February 2020

Our local kids might be feeling like “the end of the golden weather” has arrived (as school returns!) but the current spate of dry weather is making life harder for many households, farms and organisations in the area.


Out and About

Show Me The Trains

In a “Penk’s Pen” exclusive, I can share that I’ve been working towards a goal of having passenger rail available for the Helensville Show and Kumeu Show.  It’s proving a long journey and we won’t get there in time for the 2020 versions of these great events, unfortunately.  I’m hopeful that it may be possible to have the punters arrive by train next year and beyond, however, which will be great for attendees but also a way of showing that passenger rail to the northwest would be warmly welcomed here.

SuperBlues - Agnes Loheni

At our most recent SuperBlues meeting I was privileged to host Agnes Loheni, a fellow new(ish!) National MP.  Her message emphasising the benefits of strong family values in society and the long-term value of investing in education as soon as possible in a child’s life was very well received.


Bags and Bags

While the bad news is that you’re not allowed to use plastic bags in the supermarket any more, the good news is that my office has ordered hundreds of re-usable shopping bags.  Please come and grab one whenever you see me out and about!


What’s up with Wellington?

The announcement we have all been waiting for!  Simon Bridges recently made it clear that National doesn’t see a path open to New Zealand First as a coalition partner following the election due to take place on 19 September.  My own view is that it’s great to have this certainty, with a common complaint about MMP being the tendency towards backroom deals in exchange for goodness knows what.  And that’s before you even start to think about the personalities involved with NZ First …

Meantime, a recent raft of announcements and promises by the government included various transport projects but none to ease the congestion in Auckland’s west and northwest, one of the fastest growing areas of the nation.  I feel as though we’ve been let down badly here: no new roads, no road upgrades and, of course, no passenger rail.

 What next?

Again, an invitation to come and say hi to the team and me – along with “Natty”, our mobile office and billboard(!) – at a couple of big upcoming events:


National Party Helensville AGM (open to all members!)

Date                Monday 24 February

Location         Soljans Estate Winery, 366 State Highway 16, Kumeu 0841


Helensville Show

Date                Saturday 29 February

Location          Helensville Showgrounds


Fundraiser with Rt Hon Sir John key

Date               Monday 2 March at 9.30am

Location         Mincher Gardens, 338 Coatesville Riverhead Highway

Tickets           $50 per person, RSVP by 26 February 

                        Purchase tickets at


Kumeu Show

Date               Saturday 14 March, Sunday 15 March

Location         Kumeu Showgrounds


Chris Penk
MP for Helensville